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BASS is committed

We also feel responsible for social fields outside our company boarders. Therefore we are committed:

to the education

Our commitment in the field of education is designed for long-term and is sustainable. We want to convey knowledge and skills, because they are the base for lasting prosperity.

We are fascinated by technology. We want to arouse interest and excitement in the children. For some years now, we have succeeded in this by supporting MINTec workshops both with personnel and financially. Since 2008, we have been cooperating with the kindergarten in Rinderfeld. Our specially trained apprentices act as learning partners of the local children. They pass their passion for technology on to the children. In addition, they learn to convey contents understandably and to train their social competences.

The workshops are initiated and supported by the innovation region of Hohenlohe. With the slogan “Together we shape the future” the association is working on securing the future of the Hohenlohe region as a business location and promoting structural development. We are pleased that, after several years of cooperation, we have maintained our membership in this association as the only company outside the region of Kocher / Jagst.

An education cooperation connects us with the education centre of Niederstetten. The technology lesson at school partly takes place at BASS.

The project „Girls for technology“ is especially for young women to open them the world of technology. With the education centre of Niederstetten we offer special internships.

Our partnerships with the centre for vocational retraining and qualification UFZ e.V. and fabi e.V. are essential components of our industrial training.

to the social sectors

Our cooperation with the child-care association (TEV) and the institution „Menschenskind“ in Niederstetten enables the BASS employees to find a perfect day care centre for their children and therefore to reconcile work and family life.

to the culture

As a main sponsor we are always very pleased about the performances during the open-air theatre in the „Tempele“,  which are highly acclaimed by feuilleton and visitors alike. The team consisting of 150 men and women has time and time again succeeded to exceed the expectations by far. The open-air theatre in the “Tempele” is the work of many people who are involved unselfishly, to put a smile on the face of their fellow human beings.

The BASS employees have also benefitted from the support of the “Tempele” by getting free tickets.

to the sport

Our employees keep themselves fit by our regularly business sports. In addition, we support our employees at different run sports events.

We also assist youth work and active players of the local football club by providing jersey sets.


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