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Processes and production equipment

World novelties at BASS

Shortening our lead times and optimize our geometries and surface are just two of many areas which we continuously improve. Two world novelties which we developed in cooperation with our partners are the following:

We measure 10 Nanometer

In cooperation with the Austrian manufacturer of measuring instruments alicona BASS has developed in many years of research a high-precision tool measuring system. “IF ToolPrecision” allows the precise measurement of tools in just one procedure – and the automatic representation in 3D, roughness and contour including roundness of the tools are measured with a precision of 10 nanometers – ten millionth of a millimeter. In function and precision is the measuring system unique in the world. The new measurement system was one year in an intensive phase of testing, since 2013 our customers can convince themselves.
IF-ToolPrecision offers BASS many advantages in the development, design and manufacture of high-precision thread tools. The idea for the new measuring system came from us. Employees of BASS were critically involved in the realization of the project.

Short lead times, high precision: JUNKER and BASS developing a complete processing machine

Decreasing lot sizes will increase the processing time – this is a common opinion in production. The target of a project with our partner JUNKER was to prove this credo wrong. The result: the Justar, a highly complex CNC grinding center.

The Justar allows the grinding process on only one production machine - instead of the previously required four. Consequently, small batches can be manufactured economically in a very short time. This also applies to tools with complex geometries.

The fact that the complete processing machine allows a higher precision in manufacturing was a planned side effect. The machining from the blank to the finished threading tool is realized completely in one single setup on a single machine.

Together with Junker we could realize many innovations in the Justar for example a new cooling system and besides expand our modern machinery.

Product innovations

Offering our customers the best products for their individual requirements, this is what we strive for. Alongside processes and equipment we are always working on new product solutions. More on this topic you will find in our novelties section.


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