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BASS is a powerful company which is characterized by our innovative capacity and the absolute will to deliver a maximum performance for our customers. An efficient workflow and tight organization ensure that customer wishes are directly and precisely implemented in our high-performance products. This makes us a reliable and trusted partner for our customers.

Our business culture is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Our employees are the center of attention.


BASS is committed to holistic management. Joy of success, a spirit of partnership and commitment to quality are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.


The quality of our products and work is our joy and task. The desire to create quality determines our thoughts and actions.


Innovations have a very high priority in our internal processes in addition to innovative customers solutions. Read more about two global innovations.


Protection of the environment is a fundamental requirement. We maintain a considerate and responsible use of resources and nature. We do this for our employees, customers, suppliers, and in view of future generations.


We feel entirely and deeply obliged to our environment. Therefore we are very active in the fields of education, social affairs, culture and sports.


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