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Roll taps

Our high-performance roll taps from diameter 1 to 64 mm are amongst the best on the wold market. We provide following roll taps made of HSSE-PM (powder metal) or VHM (solid carbide). 


roll taps for the chipless production of internal threads

The cold forming process “roll tapping” of threads offers many advantages to the user: It is reliable, environment-friendly and cost-efficient.
Due to these advantages BASS has invested a lot of time and effort in the development of the DURAMAX roll taps and optimized these tools essentially over the last few years.

The result is a considerable improvement in the performance of the tools. Thanks to innovative tool geometries we also offer now pitches of P=6, i.e. M64x6.

The tool is also available as a catalogue tool with different connections for minimum quantity lubrication. The special form of the DURAMAX GAL MG’s patented multi-groove additionally promotes the rinsing effect.  

Thus, BASS has become one of the leading manufacturers of roll taps worldwide.


roll taps for the chipless production of internal threads

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thread forming with the multi-groove - a clean solution

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powerful threading tools for a wide range of applications.

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threading tools for the nut industry

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Good to know

The BASS – catalog program includes roll taps:

  • in all standard thread types
  • without oil grooves – e.g. for the machining of thin-walled components
  • with oil grooves
  • with multi-groove
  • with internal coolant KA (axial) or KR (radial)
  • with short chamfer (form E)
  • with oversizes (6GX, 7GX)
  • with narrow tolerances like 4HX
  • with extended shank
  • with innovative coatings
  • for MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) with corresponding shank connection (internal or external cone)

Special solutions

We will be pleased to develop the solution for your individual application. Please contact us!



Our newest generation of roll taps combined with the powerful BT coating.


The roll tap for the machining of aluminum – especially suitable for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) thanks to the special form of its patented multi-groove

DURAMAX H up to M64

Roll forming with standard tools up to M64x6.


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