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Roll taps

Chipless. High-performing. Process reliable.

Roll tapping stands out as a clean and therefore chipless manufacturing process. As forming tools, they use the processed material’s flowing properties to form the internal thread.   

With the roll taps of our DURAMAX-family, we offer you a comprehensive and high-performing catalogue assortment ranging from M1 to M48 as well as an additional standard program with dimensions up to M64x6. Due to innovative tool geometries, we can also realize pitches of 6 mm, such like the M64x6.

Each of our DURAMAX-types is perfectly suitable for the machining of both through and blind holes up to 3xd. The chipless thread forming process ensures a high process reliability even for large thread depths.

Our types


The roll tap for the machining of high resistant materials.

  • TIN-, TICN- or BT-coated
  • with or without oil grooves
  • without interior coolant, with axial (KA) or radial (KR) coolant
  • made of powder metal (HSSE-PM) or solid carbide (VHM)


The roll tap for the machining of cast aluminium.

  • HL- or BT-coated
  • with oil grooves
  • with axial interior coolant (KA), for axial minimum quantity lubrication (MKA) or radial (MKR)
  • with standard oil groove or multi-groove
  • made of powder metal (HSSE-PM) or solid carbide (VHM)


The roll tap for the machining of normal materials.

  • uncoated or with TIN
  • with or without oil grooves
  • made of powder metal (HSSE-PM)


The roll tap for the machining of sheet metals, with matching connections for Trumpf, Amada and other manufacturers.

  • TIN-coated
  • with oil grooves
  • made of powder metal (HSSE-PM)

Solid carbide tools as a standard

Already in our catalogue we offer roll taps and cutting taps in solid carbide (VHM):

  • DURAMAX H KR TICN VHM, for high cutting speed and a long tool life at roll forming in high resistant materials.
  • DURAMAX GAL KA HL VHM, for high cutting speed and a long tool life at roll forming in alloyed aluminium.
  • VARIO GG KA TICN VHM, for high cutting speed and a long tool life at tapping in cast materials.
  • VARIO SH TICN SR VHM, for process-reliable tapping in materials up to 63 HRC.
  • AVANT GAL15 KA TICN VHM, for high cutting speed and a long tool life at tapping in alloyed aluminium.

Advantages of roll tapping

  • only one tool for a variety of materials
  • exact tolerance and thread profile
  • higher tool life
  • elimination of chip problems
  • high process reliability also for large thread depths
  • only one tool for the machining of through holes and blind holes 
  • increased strength against thread wear
  • higher cutting speed possible
  • no threads with axial miscut
  • better surface quality/profile finish

Did you know that roll tap, roll forming tap, rolling tap, roll form tap, thread former, cold-forming tap and even laminating tap all stand for the same tool? We stick to the widest used name: the roll tap.

Many names, one tool: the roll tap.

Meet our patented multi-groove.

During the thread forming process, especially with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), small material particles are moving out of the ridge of the furrow. These particles contaminate both the tool and the part. As a result, tool life decreases, making necessary a subsequent component cleaning. 

Through intensive engineering work and series of testing, we have developed a groove form that is revolutionary and patented – the multi-groove. Its special geometry removes contaminants already during the manufacturing process. Both tool and part henceforth come out clean. The tool life of the threading tool, compared to a traditional groove form, can be increased by up to 30 %

Visit our Youtube channel for the French and Italian version of the video.

Special threads

Our roll taps belong to the most powerful products for internal thread machining worldwide. This makes us proud. In the last decades and also in the future we want to be an innovation driver in this market segment.  A symbol for this are the approximately 40 thread types that our customers have successfully roll formed, including round, trapezoidal and buttress threads.

Bore hole diameter

The size of the bore hole diameter defines the extent of material deformation and thereby the minor diameter of the internal thread. The  bore hole diameters in our catalogue are approximative. We recommend to select the most suitable drill size by additional tool testing.

bore hole too small

  • thread is “over-formed”
  • too high torque
  • risk of tool breakage
  • minor diameter is too small, not conforming to standards

correct bore hole diameter

  • optimally formed thread
  • minor diameter tolerance 7H according to DIN 13 part 50
  • thread is true to gauge

bore hole too big

  • thread is not formed completely
  • minor diameter too big
  • result: insufficient pull out strength

Good to know

The BASS – catalog program includes roll taps:

  • in all standard thread types
  • without oil grooves – e.g. for the machining of thin-walled components
  • with oil grooves
  • with multi-groove
  • with internal coolant KA (axial) or KR (radial)
  • with short chamfer (form E)
  • with oversizes (6GX, 7GX)
  • with narrow tolerances like 4HX
  • with extended shank
  • with innovative coatings
  • for use with HST SYNCHRO tap holders
  • for MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) with corresponding shank connection (internal or external cone)

Special solutions
We will be pleased to develop the solution for your individual application. Please contact us!


roll taps for the chipless production of internal threads

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thread forming with the multi-groove - a clean solution

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powerful threading tools for a wide range of applications.

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threading tools for the nut industry

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