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Expansion possibility for BASS secured

With the purchase of the surrounding property, the tool manufacturer BASS from Niederstetten has secured the possibility to expand its company headquarters in the "Hohe Buche" industrial area.

"Since the construction of our new factory in 2004, we have grown steadily. The past few months have been the strongest in the company's almost 75-year-long history," says Martin Zeller, Managing Director of BASS. In the meantime, vacant space is in short supply. Not only the machinery, but also the number of office workplaces have increased in recent years. To ensure that the company can continue to grow, the bordering parcels of land have now been purchased for the construction of another production hall, which will take place before the end of the decade.

Hideaki Osawa, Managing Director and Member of the Board of OSG Europe, Managing Director and Member of the Board of OSG Corporation, grandson of OSG founder Hideo Osawa and member of the founding family as well as shareholder of the OSG Group, which is listed in Japan and to which BASS belongs since 2019, also attended the purchase of the land.

Following the notary appointment, representatives of the town of Niederstetten welcomed the management of OSG and BASS to the local Albert-Sammt-Museum. This served as a setting for the historical connection between Niederstetten and Japan, as the town's honorary citizen and airship captain Albert Sammt was a guest in Japan during the 1929 around-the-world flight.

To thank him for his commitment to the location Niederstetten, Deputy Mayor Harald Dietz handed over a copy of Albert Sammt's biography and a high-quality photograph to Hideaki Osawa, showing the Zeppelin crew's gift to the Japanese Emperor. Klaus Brodbeck, interim head of administration for the town, also welcomed the managers and emphasized BASS's commitment both to its workforce and to the social life of Niederstetten.

The representatives of the town of Niederstetten, OSG and BASS are looking forward to further cooperation in partnership.

Bobby Osawa together with the deputy mayor Harald Dietz
Bobby Osawa together with the deputy mayor Harald Dietz


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