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When the machining of large threads is not a big deal.

Whenever we talk about large dimensions here at BASS, we always speak of threading tools with a nominal diameter of 25 mm (1 inch) or larger. The same high requirements that apply to their small brothers are also valid for the large dimensions: reliability in processing, having a long tool life and a high efficiency.

We are aware of the diversity of your workpieces. To be able to offer you a powerful answer already in the standard, ten per cent of our extensive catalogue program belongs to threading tools of large dimensions.

Completed by individual solutions you will find reliable tools at BASS for any application, in any material, no matter if you cut, roll or mill your thread, regardless whether it’s through hole or blind hole.  

Together with the suitable tap holder from BASS the machining of large threads is not a big deal.

Catalogue extract

The cutting tap for heavy machinery constructions.

The tap holder for large dimensions.

The roll tap for chipless production of threads up to thread size of M64.

The cutting tap for blind holes in tough and mediumhard materials.

The cutting tap for through hole machining – applicable in almost all materials.

The modular thread milling systems BFW, GFK and AFK especially for large threads and universal use.



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