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Trainee Project Players' Bench

As our apprentices' project 2022, our second year apprentices took on the production of players' benches for the football department of TV Niederstetten.

At BASS, it is a tradition that the second year of apprentices take on the planning, construction and production of a workpiece on their own responsibility. In recent years, for instance, a table football for the break room and a soapbox were built. The latter was successfully piloted by our trainees in a race. There have also been projects for local clubs, such as a water seesaw for the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) at the town festival.

For the football department of the sports club of our hometown Niederstetten, the BASS trainees have now manufactured two benches. The industrial mechanics were responsible for the construction and implementation, the industrial clerks for the procurement of materials and the design. According to the apprentices, a special challenge was to ensure mobility and stability at the same time.

Just in time for the first home game of the current year, the benches were set up by BASS on the sidelines and handed over to local sports team. Thanks to the substitutes' benches, the players of both the home and visiting teams are now protected from all weather conditions and can comfortably follow the game.


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