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BASS trainees produce their own football table

From the idea all the way through its realization – this is a short story about how this year’s trainee project became the surprising highlight of the Christmas party.

It all started with the idea that was probably also inspired by the World Football Championships in Brazil.  When the second-year vocational trainees were looking for ideas for their trainee project, they had to follow their predecessors’ footsteps who had already set standards high with their DLRG water sea-saw in 2013. When the objective for 2014 was set, it could already be revealed just how challenging this years’ project is going to be for the succeeding trainees: a football table that fits perfectly to a metal-processing company.
The idea was then followed by designing and putting the football table into reality. From the table legs to the score-counting and ball-return system, from the metal rods on which the player figures were mounted, the guiding sleeves over which the players slide to the aluminum table frame itself, almost all parts were developed and produced by the trainees on our premises. All the required things were organized by the trainees themselves who therefore almost incidentally gained an insight into other departments like purchasing and marketing. The player figures including threads that were made out of TIN-colored brass and vaporized construction steel together with individual perimeter advertising, height-adjustable legs and milled drink holders give the football table the final polish.
The first test was scheduled for December 5th at the BASS Christmas party. During the intermissions of the entertaining program, between the meals until late into the night, many curious people rallied closely around those who had snatched a good place at the handles and cheered for them – always keeping in mind to become the next player more quickly then.
All the more we are pleased that, after the successful inauguration, the football table finally found its rightful place in our recreation room as there are still some return matches to play since the Christmas party. 

[Translate to Englisch:] v.l.n.r.: Maik Fermüller, Daniel Huber, Philipp Ehnes und Christian Naser. Nicht im Bild: Josef Schmalz


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