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Employees guarantee success

The fact that BASS emphasizes both customer and employee orientation is reflected in the annual number of employees who can look back on an anniversary.

At the anniversary celebration, a whole series of congratulators took the opportunity to express their appreciation to the well-deserved employees. Above all, Dr. Stefanie Leenen and Martin Zeller, BASS management, paid tribute to the achievements and merits of the employees celebrating their anniversaries. They emphasized that the company's success was based entirely on the commitment of each individual Bassianer. In addition to Otmar Fries, who has worked for BASS for an impressive 40 years, Bernhard Bayer and Helmut Löber were honoured for 35 years and Otto Herrmann for 30. 

Due to an internal change of the honor rhythm to full 10 years, the following persons were also honored for 20 years at BASS: Christian Engel, Ilse Habel, Dieter Korn, Jürgen Rost and Irene Schmalz.
In addition, Julia Braun, Angelika Käfer, Konstantin Kappes, Oliver Kühlwein, Jochen Engelhardt-Schieser and Andreas Sigloch were honoured for 10 years of cooperation and commitment.

The mayor of Niederstetten, Heike Naber, had come to congratulate the jubilarians on behalf of the city and its citizens. Christoph Geiger, member of the management of the IHK Heilbronn-Franken, expressed congratulations on behalf of the Chamber and emphasized how valuable long-standing employees are and how their wealth of experience contributes to the success of companies.  

As a symbol of their appreciation, the anniversary employees finally received their certificates of honour and presents.


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