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Catalogue No. 13 published

2000 products, 21 thread types and 40 pages packed full of technical information all about threading technology – these are the numerical facts about our new catalogue no. 13 which is valid from March 1st, 2014. Under the guiding principle “Performance Connects”, you can find our comprehensive, further developed product range in the following categories:
•    cutting taps,
•    roll taps,
•    thread milling cutters,
•    tap holders and accessories.

We have attached great value to the chapter “tap holders and accessories” whose number of pages has been extended from 8 to 20. 
Within this now more clearly designed chapter you can find a diversified portfolio with many new products particularly in the field of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).

The technical part has been strengthened and deepened: on 40 pages you will find all necessary information about tapping technology - from the handy formulary to the explanation of chamfer forms.

Our new catalogue is even more user-friendly now. Many details facilitate your work, whether it is the new index of article numbers at the end of the catalogue or the list of milling cutter diameters.

The catalogue is now available for download on our website.
Should you prefer the printed version, please refer to your BASS contact person in charge.


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