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Donation for young people

BASS donates the prize money from the “Family-Friendly Company Award” to the educational center Niederstetten and the parents’ daycare association „Menschenskind“.

When BASS was awarded the third place of the future-prize of the Main-Tauber region in the category of family-friendly company, CEO Dr. Stefanie Leenen immediately knew that the prize money of EUR 1.000 should be used to benefit the general public. It was easy to decide that the money should be equally distributed between the educational center of Niederstetten and the parents’ daycare „Menschenskind“, regarding the already existing cooperation with both organizations.
And so in March BASS welcomed three students of the educational center of Niederstetten, their headmaster Norbert Umland and their engineering teacher Uwe Jantschek as their guests to report on the deployment of the EUR 500 donation: The school plans to finance a new milling machine that will allow the educational center to teach it‘s engineering classes with contemporary facilities.
Further EUR 500 went to the parents’ daycare association “Menschenskind“, which was able to finance a new bed with it. While visiting, the bunk bed was presented to Stefanie Leenen by Ms Knenlein, manager of „Menschenskind“, a few day-care mothers and frolicking children. The children thanked the benefactress with a bouquet of flowers as well as a poster with their handprints.

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