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Handover of the baton at BASS

Gerhard Schließus headed the BASS sales department in Germany for almost 11 years, and now retires at the age of 67. Altogether, he can look back to 52 years of work.

The festivity was opened with the song „What a wonderful world“. The management board member Dr. Stefanie Leenen lauded Gerhard Schließus for his merits. He began working at BASS in 2001, when the company was in the phase of upswing. He build up a sales force, developed new marketing concepts, and significantly contributed with his work to the growth of the company.

The management board member Martin Zeller showed again his talent as a poet and wrote a verse expressing the look back on the previous success:

„When looking back you say to yourself
I had many good days
I am proud on what I achieved
you come to think of the time at BASS immediately.“

Joachim Schröder thanked Gerhard Schließus in the name of the office staff. He emphasized his modesty and motivating good colleagueship together with his personal care and appreciation for all employees at BASS. This went far beyond what can usually be expected from a superior, he said.

More praise, good wishes and thanks followed from the employees in the field force, represented by Uwe Krohn, and the work force, represented by the chairperson of the staff council Yvonne Braun. Gerhard Schließus thanked the customers who had especially come for the day as well as the BASS employees for the long-standing excellent cooperation. He concluded with a quote from Friedrich Rückert – showing his familiar smile: „Who endured hardship in his youth shows as an elderly little interest when now the young are the ones to suffer.“

Saying goodbye was not an easy task for the invited customers, BASS employees and the Schließus family who all enjoyed the party with its delicious buffet and good vibes spread by the saxophone duo „Swing Two“ consisting of Frank Mittnacht and Peter Lesch.


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