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Our new brochures Multi-Groove and Top Performer are now available for download. 

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Being a chipless process, thread forming is a neat and clean machining method. The forming tool uses the flowability of the processed material to form the internal thread.

The special form of the patented Multi-Groove of the DURAMAX GAL improves the rinsing effect - especially when using MQL. This in turn reduces the cleaning effort drastically combined with up to 30 percent higher tool life as opposed to conventional groove forms. Consequently, process reliability increases enormously and therefore manufacturing costs go down.

The DURAMAX GAL MG from our catalog program is available from stock in metric and metric fine dimensions.


With our top performers you benefit from over 70 years of experience in the development and machining of threading tools. Starting with the selection of best powder-metal HSSE-steels, our tools are produced by state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

At the same time, we are focusing on traditional, successful methods like salt bath hardening. This is the basis for a high tool life and optimum material properties, such as toughness and hardness.

Equipped with constantly developed geometries and high-quality coatings, the top performers stand as a synonym for high cutting speed and tool life in the efficient thread production.

Our new brochures are available for download.


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