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Cast from one mould – the tool solution made by BASS

From grey cast iron to malleable cast iron, wet or dry – many casting materials, one tool: the VARIO GG BT. The VARIO cutting tap is specially designed for the machining of casting materials and for the use in through and blind holes.

The innovative grey cast iron geometry of the cutting tap leads to short chips. These chips are picked up by the flutes and are flushed out. Through the hardening in the salt bath, we create the basis for a high tool life, high reproducibility and the optimization of the material properties like toughness and hardness.

Together with the high-performance BT-coating, a process-reliable and high tool life can be achieved. The BT-coating provides for an optimal smoothing and therefore improves the chip evacuation whereas a high coating thickness and hardness increases both the wear resistance and the thermal load of the cutting edge.

With our tap holder HST SYNCHRO and the VARIO GG BT you are best equipped to run cutting speeds up to 60m/min.

You can find more information on our Top Performer in our brochure.


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