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Unique: the DURAMAX GAL MG

A clean solution – thread forming with the multi-groove

Roll tapping stands out as a chipless and therefore clean machining method. As opposed to cutting taps, thread forming tools offer even further advantages including longer tool life as well as high process reliability even for large thread depths.

When using MQL during roll tapping, small material particles move out of the ridges of the furrow. These particles accumulate in the groove. After short operating time, the grooves fill up so that not all material particles can be absorbed anymore and remain at the part. Furthermore, the flow of MQL-aerosols is restricted and a sufficient wetting cannot be ensured. This in turn leads to a higher tool wear and decreased tool life.

To reduce this contamination, BASS developed the patented multi-groove, abbreviated as MG. Through its special geometry, contaminations during MQL-machining can almost be eliminated.

The multi-groove allows for the air that is locked in the bore hole to escape more quickly and for the bore hole surface to be sufficiently wetted with MQL-aerosols. Through the improved washing effect of the multiple groove, the outgoing air removes the occurring material particles from the part already during processing. The tools come out of the roll tapping process clean.

The multi-groove does not only help to reduce the cleaning effort but also increases tool life by up to 30 percent compared to traditional groove forms. Higher process reliability and decreasing manufacturing costs are the result.

The general rule is: the deeper the tapped blind hole, the greater the benefit of the multi-groove.

You can find more information on our multi-groove in our brochure.  


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