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Vaccination at BASS

Vaccination in companies by their medical officers is in full swing. In the Main-Tauber district, BASS from Niederstetten is at the forefront.

Despite great efforts, many people have not been able to get appointments at vaccination centres or with general practitioners. Thanks to the vaccination offer at BASS, 180 people were already able to receive the first dose of the vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer on 15 and 21 June. The date for the second vaccination has also been set. The company wanted to offer this opportunity not only to its own employees.  Relatives, acquaintances as well as employees of surrounding companies and the Niederstetten town hall were also able to take advantage of the opportunity.

The thread tool manufacturer sees vaccinations as an important part of fighting the pandemic. "We are happy that we as BASS were able to do our part in combating the pandemic through the numerous vaccinations and at the same time minimise the risk of our employees becoming seriously ill," says Managing Director Martin Zeller.

BASS thanks all the people involved for the great implementation and the good attendance at the vaccination appointments offered.

 An employee of the BASS company who was vaccinated.
180 people seized the vaccination opportunity offered by the BASS company.


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