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Washable up to 80 °C – the synchronized tap holders HST SYNCHRO

Unlike tap holders from other brands, BASS tap holders are washable up to 80 °C. Here you can read why this feature is important.

During the tapping process, contaminants get into the tap holder and can therefore strongly affect its functioning. To counteract this, a regular cleaning is required. Many competitive products are damaged at temperatures above 60 °C due to plastic parts for micro-compensation. These temperatures are however required to ensure a full cleaning of the tap holders.
The HST SYNCHRO from BASS features a metal minimum length compensation. The advantage is that the HST SYNCHRO therefore has a longer tool life compared to various other conventional tap holders for synchronized tapping that are available on the market. This in turn allows the tap holder to be washed at the required temperature of up to 80 °C. 
If you would like to find out more about our HST SYNCHRO tap holders, please download the latest brochure.


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