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We rely on HSSE-PM and VHM

In the future, BASS’s threading tools are going to be solely made of HSSE-PM and VHM. Tools made of HSSE are gradually replaced by higher-quality HSSE-PM.

BASS has now started a gradual transition after which we are going to use only HSSE-PM (powder metal) and VHM (solid carbide) for the production of our threading tools.
The benefits of HSSE-PM, a material that has already been successfully used and tested for years at our company, are obvious. Besides higher process reliability and increased tool life up to one third, it was especially the improved thread surface that has convinced us to rely on this higher-quality raw material in the future.
HSSE-PM allows our customers to reduce their costs per thread.
But which characteristics does HSSE-PM have? The special production process does not only ensure a finer and uniform distribution of carbides in the material, the size of the carbides is reduced drastically as well. This allows for a longer sharpness of the tool and a high quality of the  thread surface even in case of grain break-out. Edge chipping during processing can be reduced to a minimum.

The benefits at one glance:

  • significantly improved process reliability
  • increased tool life up to one third
  • shorter delivery times
  • higher thread surface quality
  • optimal cost-benefit ratio

The optimum materials for the production of your internal threads.


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