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Our cutting tap for the process-reliable threading in big dimensions.

The heavy industry and energy technology sector have gained an important role in the global energy revolution. With the production of complex components for wind power plants, most of them with large dimensions, they have set very high standards to the connection technology and the process-reliable machining of internal threads.

BASS’ cutting tap AVANT H15 KA HL SL FL with extra long shank (SL) and extra long flutes (FL) is especially used for cutting low lying blind hole threads and suits perfectly for the demands of big component manufacturers. The tool is the ideal standard tap for the machining of components with projecting edges or counterbores.

The innovative cutting geometry together with an effective HL-coating contributes to short helical chips, which are process-reliably evacuated through the extra long flutes by the help of the internal axial coolant. This tap is designed for the use in steel and cast materials (cast iron with nodular graphite, cast iron with vermicular graphite or malleable cast iron).

The AVANT H15 KA HL SL FL is available from stock from M12 to M36 in tolerance 6HX. 


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