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The DOMINANT HZ38 for hard and tough materials.

Steels used to be both tough and soft causing long chips during manufacturing. 

The enhancement of materials and the improvement of their properties by adding hard alloy elements helped to make steels less soft. The typically long chips however remained.  A classic representative of these steels is grade 42CrMo4 which is very tough but also has a high tensile strength of 1,300 N/mm2 achieved by alloying chrome and moly. 

It is already several years ago that we combined two high-performance geometries in order to be able to face this development successfully. Our DOMINANT H for hard and our DOMINANT Z for tough materials were succeeded by the DOMINANT HZ38.

The cutting tap with blind hole embodies a reliable cutting of hard and tough materials. Together with the 38° spiral flute its geometry ensures an optimum chip removal for thread depths up to 2.5xd. 

The catalogue tool DOMINANT HZ38 can be obtained from stock in all common dimensions, tolerances and coatings. 


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