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BASS and E.ON working together for a clean environment

With a contract for electricity from 100% renewable energies, BASS contributes to climate protection and the reduction of CO2.

The recently published United Nations Climate Report paints a dark picture of the future. Global emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 are at a record high, a further increase is expected. In Germany, it is especially the energy sector and industry that are responsible for the lion's share of greenhouse gas emissions.

BASS from Niederstetten proves that there are also other ways. Starting in 2019, the family-owned company has focused on an electricity mix entirely based on renewable energies. The German Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) calculates 435 grams of CO2 per kilowatt hour for the average German energy mix. With the old contract, BASS has already almost halved CO2 emissions to 237 g/kWh. 

Together with E.ON, BASS is now fully committed to an electricity mix that is CO2-free during production. "We want to make our contribution to environmental protection," explains Martin Zeller, Managing Director of BASS. "That's why we've been continuously working on improving our processes for many years. For this purpose we use state-of-the-art process technologies that enable us to minimize or completely avoid environmental pollution. The fact that we are now using 'green' electricity was the logical next step. For us as a company, this is not the cheapest solution, but it is the only right one according to our philosophy".

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